Get a quick quote for delivery of your craigslist or store purchase, or a quote to move you to your new house/apartment
Payment methods accepted for our moving and delivery services
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Delivery and Moving Services

Craigslist / eBay Delivery

We'll deliver bedroom sets, dining tables, bureaus, entertainment centers, washers, dryers, refrigerators, sofas, mattresses & much more.

IKEA & Other Store Delivery

Delivery from IKEA, Costco and other stores. Meet us at the store or in some cases we can make the purchase for you then meet you at your place.
This is not offered in all cities. Just ask your driver if this option is available.

Storage/Moving Containers also provides loading/unloading services for portable storage units, such as containers provided by 1-800 Pack Rat, Cubesmart, Smartbox, Door-To-Door and other, similar moving and storage companies. We have certified movers that will come to your place and pack the container to perfection utilizing all it's space or carefully unload its' contents into your home.

Moves Around Your House

Our drivers will move your furniture within your house or if you just need furniture or an appliance taken out to the curb, we'll do that too!

Full Service Moves has a network of licensed and insured moving companies ready for your full service move. Whether it's within the same state or across the country we'll coordinate the job with the perfect moving company.